Forwarded  on behalf of Heidi Everett

Forwarded on behalf of Heidi Everett

Forwarded on behalf of Heidi Everett.

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Hello Creative Thinkers, Dreamers and Doers,

The ‘I Survived the Psych Ward Party‘ is back for Melbourne FRINGE 2022!

We last did this show back in 2014 at 303 Bar in Northcote, and it was an absolute hoot! Were you there?? LOL.

Rolling out ISTPWP is a line-up of fabulous Psych System activist artists doing 5 minute performances each in whatever crazy artform they want, celebrating true emancipation from the psych ward – the ability to laugh at, challenge and even uncensored* comedy about them (*pts-aware).

Tickets are ‘WYCA’ ($5-$20) and there’s a limit so do get in quick if you want to be part of the Madness. Grab yours on the FRINGE website:

If money’s not in your pocket but you really want to go, let me know asap.


Author, Producer, Creative, Advocate.

More information about show

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