Stage 3 of the RRE Box was launched at the 2022 TheMHS Conference

The Recovery Resources Encyclepodia Box (RRE Box) is a small device that plugs into a television monitor. It enables users to access a range of tools and resources to assist with recovery from mental health issues and conditions.

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An instructional brochure and video comes with each order of the RRE Box click here for video.

The video below gives some background on the RRE Box and shows how the box actually works

While the RRE Box has relevance to those with mental health conditions, we see an equally valuable applicability for mental health practitioners. For some years now there has been an acknowledged mental health crisis in rural and regional Australia, largely due to a lack of practitioners for the number of people requiring services. This often leads to unreasonably long waiting times. 

We envision that using and recommending the RRE Box can assist practitioners with the burden of appointments, particularly follow-up appointments to track progress or recommend additional strategies.

Think of the RRE Box as your tireless, knowledgeable practice partner!

Order RRE Box Click Here

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a mouse and webcam to facilitate virtual appointments
  • Developed by people with real life experiences
  • Sophisticated firmware ensures regular updating and currency of information
  • Notifies users of upcoming mental health projects, conferences and events
  • Facilitates live streaming and digital attendance ‘tickets’
  • Users can continue on their Recovery Journey in privacy and in a safe space.

Order RRE Box Click Here


To create safe places where people who have a lived experience of mental distress or trauma background can come together to support each other in furthering their recovery and join their voices to support improving mental health services.

RRE Box is a project supported by SUPER CRO, an unincorporated association that has been granted charity status by the ACNC and is funded by members’ donations.

1 thought on “Stage 3 of the RRE Box was launched at the 2022 TheMHS Conference

  1. mindfulnessmaster June 14, 2021 — 6:00 am

    I have a RRE Box and find it very useful. Keep up the great work helping people recover!


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